This course focuses on desktop publishing, graphic image design, computer animation, virtual reality, multimedia production, and webpage design. Communication skills and critical thinking are reinforced through software applications. An End of Course test (CTE Post Assessment) is administered upon completion of the course.


Rules Test Elements Sign IN EDMODO ELearn Mid Term Review Overall Review

1.01 Test 1.02 Test 1.03 test 2.01 Test 2.02 Test 3.01 Test

UNIT 1: Graphics and Desktop Publishing

1.0 Understand desktop publishing:

1.01 Investigate typefaces and fonts

1.01 Typography PowerPoint

Typography Graphic Organizer Assignment
All in the Category Assignment Typeface Categories and their Uses Assignment
Typeface Spacing Graphic Organizer Assignment Monospaced or Proportional Assignment
Examples of Typography

1.02 Investigate design principles and elements

1.02 PPT Design 1.02 PPT Principle 1.02 Assignment

1.03 Demonstrate desktop publishing

1.03 Document Design PPT 1.03 DTP Design Features PPT 1.03 Layout of a DTP Document PPT

**1.03** Layout of a Desktop Publishing Document Graphic Organizer Assignment
1.03 Publicity Campaign1 Assignment 1.03 Scavenger Hunt Assignment 1.03 Design Features Assignment

Unit 2 -

PhotoShop Tutorial Basic1 PhotoShop Ice Effect 3D text Tutorial

2.0 Understand graphic image design, computer animation, and virtual reality

Image editing (raster) software is required for this objective. Work with the technology personnel, your CTE director, and your network administrator to have the software installed. Graphics manipulation software and a variety of graphic images are required for this objective.

2.01 Investigate graphic image design

2.01 Graphic Formats PPT 2.01 Image Effects PPT 2.01 Image Resolution PPT

2.01 Raster Graphics PPT 2.01 Vector Graphics PPT


2.01 Graphic Format Organizer Assignment 2.01 Prototype Assessment Item

2.01 Assignments 2.01 Assignments Part 2

2.02 Develop computer animations

2.02A History of Animation PPT

2.02B Methods and Uses of Computer Animation PPT

2.02C Frame by Frame Animation PPT

2.02D Computer Animation Software and Design Guidelines PPT

2.02E Adding Sounds into Computer Animation PPT

2.02F Adding and Animating text in Comuter Animations PPT

2.02G Publishing Videos PPT


2.02 Animation History Assignment 2.02 Vocabulary Words Assignment

2.02 Create a Frame-by-frame Animation Assignment

2.02 Computer Animation Software Parts and Features Assignment 2.02 Create a Computer Animation Activity

2.02 Publishing Animated Banner Ad Activity 2.02 Now I know ... about computer animation Activity

Unit 3: Multimedia and WebPage Design

3.00 – Understand multimedia production and webpage design.

The major topics including the evolution of multimedia, multimedia systems, multimedia fair uses guidelines and elements, multimedia authoring programs and designing and developing of multimedia presentations will be covered. In order to enhance knowledge about and skills using multimedia, the students will recall prior knowledge and apply it to what they will further learn about multimedia. They will review the evolution of multimedia with focus on areas of growth, previous barriers, and its impact on our lives.

3.01 Explore multimedia systems, elements, and presentations

3.01A Evolution of Multimedia PPT
3.01B Multimedia Systems PPT
3.01C Multimedia elements and Guidelines PPT
3.01 Design Multimedia Presentations PPT
3.01 Assignments:
3.01 Key Vocabulary Terms of Multimedia Activity 3.01A Evolution of Multimedia Assignment
3.01 Audio and Video File Formats Activity 3.01_Prototype_Assessment_Items
3.01 Multimedia Presentation Activity 3.01 Multimedia Presentation Activity Rubric
3.01 Multimedia Graphic Organizer Assignment

3.02 Develop multimedia presentations 3.02 Pre Test

Learn to Create website Tutorials

3.02A Introduction to Web Development and Standards PPT

Due 4/19/12 - 3.02 A Assignment 1 Due 4/19/12 - 3.02A Assignment 2

3.02B Authoring Languages and Text Editors PPT

Due 4/20/12 - 3.02B Assignment 1 Due 4/20/12 - 3.02B Assignment 2

3.02C Website Organization PPT

Due 4/24/12 - 3.02C Assignment 1 Due 4/24/12 - 3.02C Assignment 2

3.02D HTML Overview PPT 3.02D Basic HMTL Codes Handout 3.02D HTML Structure Handout

Due 4/26/12 - 3.02D Use a Text editor Assignment Due 4/28/12 - 3.02D HTML Quiz

3.02E Website File Management PPT

3.02 Protype Assignment

3.02F Principles of Good Webpage Design PPT

3.02G Website Components PPT

3.02H Publishing a Website PPT Web Hosting Assignment

3.02 Design a Website Rubric **3.02** **Design a Website**

3.02 Publish a Website